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Adelaide: UNI SA, City West Campus

Brisbane: Griffith UNI, South Bank  

NT: Darwin: Please phone the office for the venue address 

Sydney: Training room located above the Coles supermarket in Brighton Le-Sands

Bunbury: Function Rooms: Admiral Motel Bunbury on Spencer Street




2 Day Phlebotomy Training:

New South Wales; Sydney 18th - 19th May 2024 (Only training session being held in NSW this year)

South Australia; Adelaide 15th - 16th June 2024 limited places (Only training session being held in S.A this year)

The training involves:

Face-To-Face training​.

Students are responsible for the placement

35 hours of clinical work placement, 6 months to complete (students who show competency in unit HLTPAT002)


BSBMED301 Interpret and Apply Medical terminology

HLTPAT002 Perform Venous Blood Collections

The training is conducted over one weekend with face to face training in each state listed on our HOME page. 

Our training rooms are a warm and friendly environment providing students with up to date theory and practical in Pathology Specimen Collection, theory and practical in Venepuncture, and the Medical Terminology for the Pathology techniques and procedures. Experienced trainer/s work hard with each student in small face-to-face learning environments ensuring that our students receive the most out of their training as possible.

Students, who show competency in the unit HLTPAT002 must complete their 35-work placement, students are given six months to complete this.

Students receive constant guidance and supervision throughout their training, and receive all materials needed to complete each task throughout the training session.


The units included in our two day training are nationally recognised core units which make up part of Certificate III in Pathology Collection.

First morning of the training: doors will open at 8:45 am for a 9:00 am start, and an estimated finishing time is 4:00 pm.

Second morning's of training: doors will be open at 9:00 am for a immediate start, and an estimated finishing time is 4:00 pm

Over the two days students will be assessed on:

Theory and Practical : for all two units

Theory : BSBMED301

Each student will perform task's throughout their training, showing that they understand the correct terminology used in pathology. Upon completion of the training all assessment materials used for each individual student (for evidence in  training and outcomes) will be entered into our data base and kept for a period of 30 years.

Practical: HLTPAT002

Throughout the two days all students will be expected to participate in blood collection where possible on the human limbs. This means students will work with the person they are seated with, and take blood from them where possible, visa versa; this procedure is very closely supervised by our trainer/s and assessor/s.

Where blood collection on human limbs is not a possible: option: an artificial life like limb will be used, this will not prevent completion of the course.

  • At such time the blood collection occurs each student will be most proficient to perform the procedure and will not be at risk of any serious injury due to close supervision and monitoring.

  • We understand some people may not have the best veins to collect blood from, but it is all part of the learning experience and we will work together with students to overcome this issue.

Role Play, Demo, and Oral

Work Placement: To Gain the Statement of Attainment for HLTPAT002: Work placement 35 hours, student/s who show competency with their skills for unit HLTPAT002 will receive their log booklet. The Log booklet will be explained in detail to students, and has all the required information and spaces to record required evidence whilst completing the work placement. Student will have 6 months to complete the work placement starting from the completion of training date.



Students are required to have a USI number in order to study any accredited course/unit/s, there is information on USI's on: enrolling page


Student information links on USI



Please be aware that students will have to fill out a declaration on the first morning of the training. The declaration is to safe guard all students and staff. W.A School of Pathology has a duty of care to provide a safe work place/training environment according to W.H.S (Work Health and Safety). Please note that this form is a private declaration and will ask about any long term medical conditions.(this can include any blood born viruses) Declaring a long term medical condition will not prevent participation in the training, however the training may need to be adapted to best support your condition. Should there be any concerns please call to speak to a staff member, this conversation is private and confidential.

For all Training, Students must bring:

  1. A pen

  2. Optional: notebook/paper ( in each student learner manuals students do have note paper)

  3. Lunch: there are food outlets near by, driving/walking distance

  4. Photo ID

  5. Wear in-closed shoes (w.h.s)

  6. have long hair tied back (w.h.s)

  7. WASP supplies a quick morning tea break on each of the training days.

Students are required to bring a form of photo ID. On the first morning of the students training, final balance/s remaining  must be paid in full (please see payment link for training costs) 


Recognition of prior learning (RPL) is available for eligible students: Please ring our office on: 08 9302 3306 

As part of the enrolment process, each student will receive a LEARNER NEEDS ANALYSIS: Industry Knowledge, and personal skills forms. These forms are completed by each student prior to the training and will be saved onto each students individual file. This process aids in identifying individual learning styles and any support services that may be required so that training delivery can be tailored accordingly.

Student/s have is the option to complete an auto enrolment form and submit it directly off our enrolment page or download the enrolment document and hand write the information required (please write neatly as the ink can sometimes be smudge and make the form difficult to read and processed). To access the enrolment document for download, please email the office on and a member of staff will be able to assist you.


Enrolment is accessible by clicking on the link below.

If you choose to download the enrolment form, you will need to send the form  by email: 


When Enrolling Remember to:

  • Enter the date of the Training in the space at the very top of the enrolment page

  • Select the training you are enrolling into, e.g: two days training

  • Include First Middle (if any) Last Names

  • Address must be a street address

  • A valid email address must be entered as students receive confirmations and any other training updates to the email supplied upon enrolment

  • Read all questions on the form and answer them to the best of your ability

  • If you have a USI number already please supply this in the section made available for this, If you do not have a USI number please fill in the correct information required if you give Permission for the WA School of Pathology to apply for a USI on your behalf. 

  • Select the correct payment section (please note no more than $1000.00 will be accepted by the W.A School of Pathology prior to the selected training starting.

  • If you agree to the training schools policy and procedures and understand the refund policy, click yes in the final box

  • Press submit

For further information, please do not hesitate to contact a staff member on 0893023306

If you would like to read about each unit of competency, please email; WASP will send you a detailed document in regards to your request. Each document goes through in detail, the description of the unit, what's included with the studied unit, and assessment methods.

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